The People's Republic of Marhaenia is a self-declared sovereign socialist state located within Southeast Asia. We are also considered as a micronation.

Marhaenia was founded and declared independence on 13 March 2023, by Comrade (Ahmad) Marhaen officially as the successor of the Socialist Republic of Kherkov.


The People's Republic of Marhaenia is a unitary presidential Marxist-Leninist one-party socialist republic.

The government of the People's Republic of Marhaenia is comprised of multiple positions such as President, Vice President, People's Commissars, and Governors.

President and Vice President

The position of President is bestowed to the incumbent Chairman of the Workers' and Peasants' Party, and serves for lifetime period. The current President is Comrade (Ahmad) Marhaen. Whereas, the Vice President is appointed by the President and serves for 6-months period. The current Vice President is Comrade Clayton (Herman).

People's Commissars

A People's Commissar is the head of a People's Commissariat of the People's Republic of Marhaenia. People's Commissars are appointed by the President and serves for 6-months period.

People's Commissariat People's Commissar


A Governor is the representative of a province in the People's Republic of Marhaenia. Governors are appointed by the President and serves for 6-months period.

Province Governor
Aidigrad TBA
Leninsky TBA
Marxstad TBA
Vlanderming TBA
Vraada TBA


History of Marhaenia can be divided into several sections as the following.


The People's Republic of Marhaenia was founded on 13 March 2023 as the Socialist Republic of Marhaenia by Comrade Marhaen with the help of several of his friends, starting with the drafting of the text of the declaration of independence, until the reading of the declaration of independence.

Marhaenia's independence was finally achieved with the help of these friends, and the drafting of the constitution began. The constitution was finally ratified on 18 May 2023 and was been the fundamental law of the nation since that date to 1 June 2023 when the constitution was abolished.


The reformation era is the term given to the era in which the People's Republic of Marhaenia began and continued to stabilize and reform important aspects of the nation by the founder and current president, Comrade Marhaen. This era is officially considered to have begun with the declaration of independence and continues to 10 January 2024, when a totalitarian dictatorship installed.


The era of dictatorship in the People's Republic of Marhaenia begun with the abolishment of the People's Assembly, and Comrade Marhaen declared himself as the dictator, bestowed the title of president for life. This era still continues to present day.

Administrative regions

Territories of the People's Republic of Marhaenia are roughly divided into five administrative regions called provinces. Each provinces are also divided into several districts.

Province Area Districts
Aidigrad TBA TBA
Leninsky TBA TBA
Marxstad TBA TBA
Vlanderming TBA TBA
Vraada TBA TBA

National symbols

Name File
State Flag
State Emblem


Date English name Indonesian name
1 January New Year's Day Hari Tahun Baru
13 March Independence Day Hari Kemerdekaan
22 April Vladimir Lenin's Day Hari Vladimir Lenin
1 May International (and National) Workers' Day Hari Buruh Internasional (dan Nasional)
5 May Karl Marx's Day Hari Karl Marx
9 May Victory Day Hari Kemenangan
21 July Founder's Day Hari Pendiri Bangsa
25 September National Peasants' Day Hari Tani Nasional
28 November Friedrich Engels's Day Hari Friedrich Engels
18 December Joseph Stalin's Day Hari Joseph Stalin